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Lead Vocals - Rick Irving

Guitar - J.J. Jones

Keyboards - James Carlburg

Bass - Phil Hall

Drums - Erick Castles

Tommy Sherman :: Vocals
Johnny "J.J." Jones :: Guitar/Vocals
Phil Hall :: Bass/Vocals
Wayne Machande :: Keyboards/Vocals
Erick Kastles :: Drums/Vocals

Empire is a versatile mix of 80's rock songs and ballads from a time when music meant something and was about the music. Empire has a combined experience of 40 years + and continues to rock the masses and leaves a positive lasting impression on their fans. If you have not joined the "EMPIRE" ,it's time you did ..........

Tommy Sherman first sang in front of a crowd at a young age. He played in various bands all through his school years. He's 
performed all over the Texas area and a slot at SXSW in Austin. In his later years with the encouragement of his wife Kerrie and 
his two daughters,he picked up the mic again and started vocal lessons with Jaime Vendera at the Vendera Vocal Academy. He is now a trained by Eli Prinsen's Hybrid Vocal Technique. After posting videos of his now current performances online, JJ felt compelled to contact him, and after an audition he was a part of the Empire family.... "It is a blast to be playing great music and hanging in a drama free situation and it has been a long road to get back to doing what I love!"

J.J. ,since 1980, has played out on the road in nearly every state and oceans abroad, performing with legendary artists from all genres of music, from the Doobie Brothers, Night Ranger, Restless Heart, and many more....

With bass player extraordinaire Phil Hall, who's music roots are deep down with countless performances and experience. Jim Marshall amps and Fender basses are his personal choice to hold down the foundation for us.

Wayne Machande is the strings and key master. His emotion comes through his performances every night.

Erick Kastles is our newest member and a hard hitting drummer! Come see this great talent lay down the grove and sing some of those hits you remember so well!!